SuperDeck III™ Overview

The Superdeck III will lift a 2500 lb load from ground level into your pickup safely.  It will easily load two large motorcycles, quads and UTV’s.

The deck is 58 inches wide and comes in a long bed and short bed version.   When in the pickup there is secure storage under the deck.  The SuperDeck III is powder coated with a high quality zinc primer.   Built to last for commercial work or personal use.  Load two motorcycles and still pull a trailer.  Dozens of Harley Davidson (TM??) dealers use the SuperDeck III for pickup and delivery of motorcycles.  Commercial towing companies prefer AmeriDeck for safe ground level loading.


  • Deck Extension
    The SuperDeck III deck extension is 12” long with a 6.5” beaver tail. This deck extension utilizes a special set of wheels that allow the deck to be extended while still offering the wide loading platform that SuperDeck III owners have come to appreciate.
  • High Bulkhead Kit
    The High Bulkhead kit allows you to add 21” of height to the front of your SuperDeck III. This allows you to securely transport tall items such as refrigerators and large pieces of furniture with ease.
  • Tool Boxes
    Add the versatility of tool boxes to your AmeriDeck™ system. Available at select distributors, these tool boxes allow you to keep your team working wherever the location.